Grinding My Gears Part 2: Whiskey & Rye (feat. Robbin Wai & Zenon Teodorczyk)

The internet’s premier U-Haul-based podcast is back. And listen, we know no one else is really filling this market niche. We’re gonna call ourselves the premier anyway. Now join us for some spooky late night podcasting as we complete the night time leg of our journey to Windsor. We’ll talk monsters, customizeable trucks and who […]

Grinding My Gears Part 1: Truck This Noise (feat. Robbin Wai and Zenon Teodorczyk)

This week, Pitch Me Something goes on the road to help Robbin move in our special truck-based miniseries, Grinding My Gears! We’ve got new segments, returning favourites and a whole bunch of MASSIVELY outdated traffic advice. Theme song: Around the Block by the Mike Janzen Trio

X-Men, Road Trips, and the End of the World (feat. Clarissa Fortin)

Laura pitches a road trip movie with some of the X-Men’s lesser known heroes; Sean shows us a supervillain’s last stand; and guest star Clarissa Fortin brings the Alien Franchise to its long-awaited conclusion! Find more of Clarissa’s work on her Soundcloud! Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen […]