Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Meme Coat (feat. Nick Lever)

If you woke up one day with superpowers, would you think you were still dreaming? Nick sure would. And he’s got some scary ideas about what would happen next. Meanwhile, Laura’s got a plan to give animation a bigger slice of Hollywood’s award season. Plus, our weirdest Suckerpowers yet. Theme song: Around the Block by […]

Fantastic Beasts and How To Catch ‘Em All (feat. Robbin Wai)

In an episode Laura has specifically prohibited Sean from calling “Catch ‘Em All Fever”, Laura breaks down the many, many other things Newt Scamander could have been doing to fill two hours of screen time and Sean pitches a Pokemon origin story that answers some long-held questions about the world of Pokemon- and features zero […]

Poke-Monster Hunter, My Chemical Death Note, and Grownup Gritty Ninja Turtles (feat. Raven McBride)

Sean Pitches a bigger world for the pokemon franchise, Raven desperately tries to redeem Netflix’s Deathnote movie, and Laura admires a strong woman in a Turtle-dominated field. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.