The More the Merrier Part 2: Return of the Kringle (feat. Raven, Robbin & Natalie)

Frankly Implausible’s top 3 guests return in part 2 of our Holiday Special! This time, Sean pitches the Tolkien/Christmas crossover Peter Jackson is too scared to adapt. Also debuting this week: the magical new segment Once A-Pawn A Time by Natalie Martin. Featuring Guests: Raven McBride, Robbin Wai and Natalie Martin Theme song Around the […]

Banning Pineapples and The Mixtape of The Gods (feat. Natalie Martin)

Natalie pits pre-revolutionary French peasants against the nobility in an apocalyptic survival story, and Sean updates the story of Prometheus bringing “fire” to humanity with a more modern spin. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.