The Mythical Lost Episode (feat. Matt Weickert)

This week on Pitch Me Something, dreaded audio demon Aug Vor’dyss visits us and steals the meat of Matt Weickert’s incredible pitch. But all is not lost! Using his valiant audio heroism, Sean has rescued possibly our most fun Choose Your Own Adventureland yet! Join us as we breath life into the DC Comics theme […]

Goin’ Ghost, Blue and Gold, and Shadow the Hedgehog’s Fire Emblem (feat. Raven McBride)

Laura calls up the specter of the Danny Phantom franchise; Sean pitches the long overdue film adaptation of DC’s biggest dorks; and guest Raven McBride offers up alternate endings on a brand new scale. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio Download Episode 3