Curveball (Feat. Zenon Teodorczyk and Robbin Wai)

For the first episode of 2019, Sean unveils the brand new pitch game he’s been working on. Thrill as the Frankly Implausible team slap together brilliant new story ideas out of thin air! These pitches come at you from angles you never expected — and that’s why we call the game Curveball. Theme Song: Around […]

The More the Merrier Part 2: Return of the Kringle (feat. Everyone (still))

Frankly Implausible’s top 3 guests return in part 2 of our Holiday Special! This time, Sean pitches the Tolkien/Christmas crossover Peter Jackson is too scared to adapt. Also debuting this week: the magical new segment Once A-Pawn A Time by Natalie Martin. Featuring Guests: Raven McBride, Robbin Wai and Natalie Martin Theme song Around the […]

Fantastic Beasts and How To Catch ‘Em All (feat. Robbin Wai)

In an episode Laura has specifically prohibited Sean from calling “Catch ‘Em All Fever”, Laura breaks down the many, many other things Newt Scamander could have been doing to fill two hours of screen time and Sean pitches a Pokemon origin story that answers some long-held questions about the world of Pokemon- and features zero […]

Smorgasbord of Horrors (feat. Zenon Teodorczyk and Raven McBride)

With Laura out sick, all semblance of order breaks down on this week’s Pitch Me Something — two guests, no pitches and a full episode of our most popular segment. In the wake of Hallowe’en, Raven, Sean and Zenon spook their digestive systems with Xenogastronomy: Smorgasboard of Horrors! Listen — if you dare! (But for real, though […]

Bit Cops: Murder in Puzzle Plaza (feat. Zenon Teodorczyk)

This week in part one of our two-episode series, Sean introduces us to grizzled detective Chet Darkstubble and fresh-faced newbie Willoughby POV as they do whatever it takes to save Nova Arcadia from the menace of… Microtransactions. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Save The Selkies, Ships In The Night, and The Octopus Mayor of Octopus City (feat. Raven McBride)

Raven wonders if herding octopuses is easier than herding cats, Laura explores how a modern selkie would keep her skin (and her heart) safe, and Sean targets deep sea submarines in the greatest journey to the deep you’ll never see. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.