Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of Kal-El (feat. Nick Lever)

You know what this looks like? A job for Superman. Sean’s been saving up all his best Superman ideas and now he’s finally ready to set them free in a full-episode blockbuster pitch. It’s time to talk about what makes Superman super — from his cultural significance to the science that makes him tick — […]

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Meme Coat (feat. Nick Lever)

If you woke up one day with superpowers, would you think you were still dreaming? Nick sure would. And he’s got some scary ideas about what would happen next. Meanwhile, Laura’s got a plan to give animation a bigger slice of Hollywood’s award season. Plus, our weirdest Suckerpowers yet. Theme song: Around the Block by […]

The Mythical Lost Episode (feat. Matt Weickert)

This week on Pitch Me Something, dreaded audio demon Aug Vor’dyss visits us and steals the meat of Matt Weickert’s incredible pitch. But all is not lost! Using his valiant audio heroism, Sean has rescued possibly our most fun Choose Your Own Adventureland yet! Join us as we breath life into the DC Comics theme […]

I am the Night (From Don’t Call Them Batarangs)

— Chatlogs between Sean and Laura discussing a Batman tv show pitch —

S: I think Dick is like 17 in this series. Maybe started training at age 8 or whatever, but was never out on more than 1 or 2 missions before 15.

 L: On one hand we miss out on prime adorable baby Grayson. But yeah better parenting.

 S: Somewhere in there, Barbara asks if he’s been doing this his whole life. And Alfred “Miss Gordon, I assure you, not EVERYONE in this household is COMPLETELY insane.”

 L: YES. Alfred serves the prime roast as always.

 S: And then like… once in a while, Clark is there.

“Bruce! Hi! Yeah, I’d love to help. Never understood why you don’t call me more often.”


“What? I don’t charge anything. You know that, right?”


 L: Is that a fourth wall break or does Clark just break a lot of delicate detective equipment

 S: Flash back reel shows Superman throwing a Batmobile at someone, Smashing through a brick wall and accidentally crushing a fingerprint scanner when he gets startled by a text from Lois. “Okay, that’s… fair. But in my defence on that last one, I DID promise Lois I’d go to dinner at her Dad’s house before I came out to see you”

 L: Of course Clark sheepishly offers to pay for anything he breaks. And Bruce is like “I cannot let you do that, you’re a junior reporter paying for a single bedroom apartment in Metropolis. No.”

 S: “I mean, sure, Clark Kent is. But — and I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for the whole League, Bruce…” Clark reaches into his cape and pulls out a little batman and superman doll. “These were Barry’s idea. Basically, the profits get stored in a joint League account that’s always available for disaster cleanup and charitable expenses as necessary.”

 “Oh, come on, Bruce!” Clark brandishes the squishy little batman doll “Yes, I admit it’s adorable, but it can’t possibly be worse than those knockoffs they’re selling on the streets!” he jostles the doll, and it says in a friendly, cartoonish voice “I am the night!”

 L: Oh. My. God.

 S: “Bruce, PLEASE!” Dick and Barbara are losing their shit

 L: I was going to say that is a given. They’re losing their freaking minds with joy. “Dick, that is the only thing I want for the next eleven birthdays.”

Little Chicken-House on the Prairie (feat. Jessie Cooper)

Laura casually hits the dread Baba Yaga with an “okay boomer”, and Jessie knocks our socks off with an intricately plotted superhero universe filled with incredible original characters. Theme Song: “Around the Block” by the Mike Janzen Trio Find more of Jesse’s work at and

Reboot Fatigue (feat. Teddy MacAulay)

Teeeeeechnically filling our reckless pledge to do three Halloween episodes in one month, Sean ponders the psychological effects of waking up each morning in a different universe, Teddy brings the power of music to the one tv genre that truly needs it- lucha libre wrestling- and Laura sneaks in two mini-pitches in disguise under the […]

The Blur Witch Project (feat. Matt Weickert)

Is it a good idea to still be doing Halloween episodes halfway through November? No! But Frankly Implausible is an organization that keeps its promises, even when they’re ridiculous, boneheaded ones Sean made as a joke! So this week, it’s back into the Spook Zone with Sean, Raven and Matt for Into the Dark: Tales […]

What We Don’t Do in the Shadows (Anymore) (feat. Matt Weickert)

It’s the 2019 Halloween special! Matt pitches a heartwarming comedy about a real estate agent who just can’t get rid of his haunted house. And Laura digs deep into what it means to be a werewolf who doesn’t want to hurt anyone else! All that and a new segment we’re calling Choose Your Own Adventureland. […]

Haunt the Halls and Sean Frankling’s Beam Dreams (feat. Chris Palfreyman)

It’s Boi’ze Night on Pitch Me Something and Sean, Raven and Chris are kicking off the Hallowe’en season with their pitches for an innovative ghost game and an UFO-themed update to the sport of Laser Tag. Plus an all-new segment where we design the theme parks of your dreams… or nightmares, whatever. Theme Song: Around […]

From Schmisney With Love (feat. Matt Weickert)

Laura Pitches a tale of love, laughter and corporate espionage. Can her intrepid main character steal the secrets of a rival company… or will she fall for the charms of her cute new co-worker? All this and a brand new edition of Suckerpowers to boot! Theme Song: Around the Block by the Mike Janzen Trio

Harry Potter and the Haunted Housemates (feat. Browen Matheson)

 Wizards! Cops! Wizard Cops! Sean’s branching out into the larger Wizarding World beyond Hogwarts, and if you think your roommates are monsters, wait until you hear Browen’s pitch for a very spooky sitcom. Themesong: “Around the Block” by the Mike Janzen Trio

Grinding My Gears Part 2: Whiskey & Rye (feat. Robbin Wai & Zenon Teodorczyk)

The internet’s premier U-Haul-based podcast is back. And listen, we know no one else is really filling this market niche. We’re gonna call ourselves the premier anyway. Now join us for some spooky late night podcasting as we complete the night time leg of our journey to Windsor. We’ll talk monsters, customizeable trucks and who […]

Grinding My Gears Part 1: Truck This Noise (feat. Robbin Wai and Zenon Teodorczyk)

This week, Pitch Me Something goes on the road to help Robbin move in our special truck-based miniseries, Grinding My Gears! We’ve got new segments, returning favourites and a whole bunch of MASSIVELY outdated traffic advice. Theme song: Around the Block by the Mike Janzen Trio

Gridlock Grinders, Marvel’s Miyagi, and How To Train Your Dragon Army (feat. Arjun Arulampalam)

Sean turns an urban environment into a high speed playground, Arjun brings fun back to the joyless world of Marvel’s Iron Fist, and Laura expands Hiccup and Toothless’s world even further with the threat of Roman invasion. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Dr. Ex, Corporate Camelot, and The Mighty Rat-King (feat. Jessie Cooper)

Sean thinks professional team-building retreats should feature a few more broadswords, Jessie terrifies us with the image of a world overrun by super-smart rodents, and Laura warns us why you shouldn’t tell your high school sweetheart your secret identity. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Colour Me Thrilled, Jam Sesh, and Something Better Than ‘The Butt-ler Did It’ (feat. Raven McBride)

Sean wants to use VR technology to jam with faraway friends, Raven wonders how empathic powers would affect your social life, and Laura thinks murder would add some spice to celebrity game shows. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Curveball (feat. Zenon Teodorczyk and Robbin Wai)

For the first episode of 2019, Sean unveils the brand new pitch game he’s been working on. Thrill as the Frankly Implausible team slap together brilliant new story ideas out of thin air! These pitches come at you from angles you never expected — and that’s why we call the game Curveball. Theme Song: Around […]

The More the Merrier Part 2: Return of the Kringle (feat. Raven, Robbin & Natalie)

Frankly Implausible’s top 3 guests return in part 2 of our Holiday Special! This time, Sean pitches the Tolkien/Christmas crossover Peter Jackson is too scared to adapt. Also debuting this week: the magical new segment Once A-Pawn A Time by Natalie Martin. Featuring Guests: Raven McBride, Robbin Wai and Natalie Martin Theme song Around the […]

Fantastic Beasts and How To Catch ‘Em All (feat. Robbin Wai)

In an episode Laura has specifically prohibited Sean from calling “Catch ‘Em All Fever”, Laura breaks down the many, many other things Newt Scamander could have been doing to fill two hours of screen time and Sean pitches a Pokemon origin story that answers some long-held questions about the world of Pokemon- and features zero […]

Smorgasbord of Horrors (feat. Zenon Teodorczyk and Raven McBride)

With Laura out sick, all semblance of order breaks down on this week’s Pitch Me Something — two guests, no pitches and a full episode of our most popular segment. In the wake of Hallowe’en, Raven, Sean and Zenon spook their digestive systems with Xenogastronomy: Smorgasboard of Horrors! Listen — if you dare! (But for real, though […]

Bit Cops: Murder in Puzzle Plaza (feat. Zenon Teodorczyk)

This week in part one of our two-episode series, Sean introduces us to grizzled detective Chet Darkstubble and fresh-faced newbie Willoughby POV as they do whatever it takes to save Nova Arcadia from the menace of… Microtransactions. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Save The Selkies, Ships In The Night, and The Octopus Mayor of Octopus City (feat. Raven McBride)

Raven wonders if herding octopuses is easier than herding cats, Laura explores how a modern selkie would keep her skin (and her heart) safe, and Sean targets deep sea submarines in the greatest journey to the deep you’ll never see. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Banning Pineapples and The Mixtape of The Gods (feat. Natalie Martin)

Natalie pits pre-revolutionary French peasants against the nobility in an apocalyptic survival story, and Sean updates the story of Prometheus bringing “fire” to humanity with a more modern spin. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Tankylosaurus and A Greek God of a Dad (feat. Raven McBride)

Laura takes us on a journey to Camp Half-Blood in an attempt to fix the Percy Jackson movies, and Sean brings Jurassic Park out of the park and unleashes dinosaurs on an unsuspecting world. You can find more of Raven here! Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Hot Pink Luchador, MsMarvelFan314, and How Sick are Peter Parker’s Abs (feat. Jessie Cooper)

Greetings, True Believers! This week it’s Marvel Mania on Pitch Me Something: Sean sends shivers- and scales- up our spines with a horror film set at Midtown High, Jessie introduces some much-needed Latino Superhero siblings that leave the Maximoffs on the mat, and Laura sneaks Kamala Khan into the MCU with a backdoor pilot you’ll never […]

Siege-opolis, Trek Before Time, and The Coliseum Kids Club (feat. Kaiya Morgulis)

Laura thinks she can hold a city against an invading army, Kaiya skipped right over human history to explore the distant origins of Star Trek before the Federation, and Sean wonders what Saturday morning cartoons would have been like during the time of the Roman Emperors. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho […]

Night of The Living Jedi, Dating Pool: Earth, and There’s No Space Like Home (feat. Amanda Gregorio)

Sean mows down zombies with a lightsaber, Amanda waxes Shakespearean about shapeshifting aliens, and Laura takes us on a journey to The Emerald Planet. This week, Pitch Me Something is INNNN SPAAAAACE! Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Poke-Monster Hunter, My Chemical Death Note, and Grownup Gritty Ninja Turtles (feat. Raven McBride)

Sean Pitches a bigger world for the pokemon franchise, Raven desperately tries to redeem Netflix’s Deathnote movie, and Laura admires a strong woman in a Turtle-dominated field. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio.

Hogwarts 2: Muggles In The House and The People vs. Baba Yaga (feat. Lilia Fuller-Thomson)

Sean and Lilia want to know why they haven’t gotten Hogwarts letters yet, and Laura’s worried about the logistics of selling her firstborn child to a witch. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio

Deep Sea Soft Drinks, Battlefield Flirting, and Firebenders Took My Job (feat. Raven McBride)

Sean brings back giant monsters by way of terrible Japanese sparkling water, Raven builds an Advance Wars game that might be more about peace, and Laura delves into the politics of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio Download Episode 3

Orc Fetish Gear, Kaiju Don Cherry, and Let Me Tell You About Homestuck (feat. Ian Sinclair)

Sean razzle-dazzles us with his D&D character creation app, Ian teaches us why the Leafs can never win the Stanley Cup, and Laura would meteor-bomb the world if it meant she got sweet powers. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio Download Episode 3

Goin’ Ghost, Blue and Gold, and Shadow the Hedgehog’s Fire Emblem (feat. Raven McBride)

Laura calls up the specter of the Danny Phantom franchise; Sean pitches the long overdue film adaptation of DC’s biggest dorks; and guest Raven McBride offers up alternate endings on a brand new scale. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen Trio Download Episode 3

X-Men, Road Trips, and the End of the World (feat. Clarissa Fortin)

Laura pitches a road trip movie with some of the X-Men’s lesser known heroes; Sean shows us a supervillain’s last stand; and guest star Clarissa Fortin brings the Alien Franchise to its long-awaited conclusion! Find more of Clarissa’s work on her Soundcloud! Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho by the Mike Janzen […]

Boat-Cars, Shoujo, and the Peter Parker Lifestyle (feat. Robbin Wai)

  Sean envisions an online game that gives would-be superheroes their very own secret identities; Robbin plans the world’s first semi-aquatic racing circuit, and Laura crafts a loving deconstruction of shoujo anime tropes. Pitch Me Something’s first ever episode hits the ground- and the water- running. Theme Song: Around the Block from the album Mombacho […]